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Sartocheck®  4 Plus Filter Tester

The Sartocheck® 4 Plus Filter Tester comes with automatic detection for improper test setup and unstable thermal conditions.

Sartocheck® 4 plus Plus Filter Tester v 3.2

Fully automatic filter integrity testing device. In full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP5. A large accessory package makes Sartocheck 4 plus flexible, powerful and creates safe solutions for almost all customer needs.

The Sartocheck® 4 plus is the result of Sartorius 30 years experience in developing automatic filter integrity testers. Valuable productivity enhancing features and robust build quality have been combined with incredible ease of use to make the Sartocheck® 4 plus the only logical choice for integrity testing.

The Sartocheck® 4 plus provides the following unique combination of benefits:

  • Barcode Scanner for easy and reliable data entry (optional)
  • Smart design
  • Large colour TFT display
  • User-friendly menu structure
  • On-screen assistance
  • Test result storage of 999 results
  • Audit trail - Up to 250 different test programs to be stored
  • Password protected access
  • Individual user profiles with rights to be defined
  • SD card reader for storing and transferring test results, test programs and user profiles
  • FTP connection
  • Profibus compatible
  • Reliable cleaning of the complete internal pneumatics.

Sartocheck® 4 Plus Filter tester performs the following tests:

  • Bubble Point Test
  • Diffusion Test
  • Bubble Point and Diffusion Test (combining test)
  • Pressure Drop Test
  • Water Intrusion Test
  • Water Flow Test
  • Multipoint Diffusion Test

Cleaning Function guarantees highest process security: The cleaning function of Sartocheck® 4Plus Filter Tester allows you to flush all internal pneumatic parts completely. On-screen instructions guide you through all necessary steps. The automatic drying function guarantees that no cleaning liquid remains inside. Because only stainless steel and PTFE is used for the internal pneumatic parts, the unit can be cleaned even with aggressive cleaning fluids (e.g. 0.1M NaOH). This guarantees highest cleaning efficacy and therefore enhances the safety of the integrity testing procedure.


Product Properties

Display 10.4'' TFT Touchscreen Display (256 Colors)
Measuring range 100 - 8.000 mbar
Primary Product Type Systems
System Type Integrity Testing Systems
Bubble point 100-8000 mbar acc. +/- 50 mbar
Colour 256 colors
Data interface PLC / FTP / Profibus - SCADA (adapter required)
Diffusion Without ext. ref. tank: Cartridge systems up to net volume of 14 l; with ext. ref. tank: Cartridge systems up to 150 l
Dimensions (WxDxH) 460 x 390 x 245 mm
Ethernet connection RJ45
Relative humidity 10 %-80 %
Interface port RS232, RS485, RJ45, PLC port
Languages English, German, French, Spanish and Italien
Max. power input 74 W
Measuring Accuracy - Abs. deviation pressure measurement max. ±9.5 mbar
Measuring Accuracy - Rel. deviation pressure measurement 0.1%
Measuring Ranges - Net volume 9 mL - 150L acc. +/- 4%
Measuring accuracy - diffusion 0.1-3000 ml/min acc. +/-5%
Net volume measurement 4 %
Operating Conditions - Temperature +15 °C to +35 °C
Operating Pressure min. 4 bar g or test p + 0,5 bar g (whichever highest); max 10 bar g
PLC port binary signals 12 pins
Power requirements 100 - 240 V / 47 - 63 Hz
Pressure drop All filter systems up to net volume of 150 L
Serial port MU RS232 (Sartocheck® 4 plus only)
Serial port TU RS232 | RS485
Water intrusion 0.1-999 ml/10 min acc. +/- 5%
Weight 15 kg


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Sartocheck®  4 Plus Filter Tester

The Sartocheck® 4 Plus Filter Tester comes with automatic detection for improper test setup and unstable thermal conditions.