Single-Use Bioprocess Bags

Single-use bio process bags for the preparation, storage and transport of biopharmaceutical solutions, intermediates and final bulk products. Also available is a complete range of aseptic transfer bags for the aseptic transfer of components into clean rooms, isolators or RABS and for contained transfer of potent powders. Single-use bio process bags from Sartorius Stedim Biotech provide a disposable alternative to traditional glass, stainless steel and rigid plastic carboys.


Comprehensive through a host of standard designs engineered around safety and ease of use, the Palletank® uniquely complement your single-use 3D bag for more than 15 years. The perfect fit, form and function combination with the bag geometry, flexibility and functionality provides the most secure and convenient single-use solution for your in-process fluid handling, storage and shipping needs for all your process steps.

Mixing Systems

Process mixing systems for the efficient mixing of powders, suspensions, solutions or emulsions. Our advanced drive units generate the levitation and rotation of the impeller without surface contact. Even volume measurement along with our single-use mixing systems is possible.

Aseptic Transfer Systems

Aseptic transfer systems for the secure transfer of fluids, components and powders. Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers reliable single-use bags, aseptic ports and equipment for isolators, RABS and cleanrooms. The aseptic transfer systems are suitable for upstream and downstream as well as aseptic processing applications.

Freeze and Thaw Systems

The freeze & thaw systems consist of bags and containers for freeze and thaw processes of biopharmaceuticals in manufacturing and process development or in commercially available equipment such as laboratory freezers, walk-in freezers, cold rooms or temperature controlled cabinets.

Tubing | Dis-/Connectors

Process transfer systems & connectors for fast and reliable sterile connections | disconnections and sterile fluid transfer between two separate, pre-sterilised components in biopharmaceutical process operations.