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Leading Expertise and Unique Technologies

Sartorius' extensive filtration and purification portfolio helps you to overcome your major challenges. We partner closely with you and make sure you get the most reliable and economical as well as the safest solution for your application. Benefit from our long standing expertise and innovative power, which made us one of the industry’s market leaders.

Ready to Use

Single-use Solutions to fit Your Process

We offer a full range of single-use filtration & purification solutions pre-assembled to meet your process requirements. Get to know how you can benefit by integrating our equipment in your single-use manufacturing.

Filter Transfer Sets          Single-use Crossflow

Virus Safety in Any Process

Unique Orthogonal Platform for State of the Art Virus Clearance

In order to comply with regulatory guidelines, complementary virus clearance methods must be employed. Therefore, Sartorius developed a new orthogonal virus clearance technology platform. It combines virus filtration, virus inactivation and virus adsorption. The innovative concept provides robust and reliable virus clearance.

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Powerful Media Filtration

Mitigate Your Risk in Cell Culture Processes

The filtration of cell culture media ensures safe and reliable cell culture processes. Depending on your specific needs we offer high-performance filter solutions for the reliable removal of bacteria, mycoplasma and down to final retention of viruses. Use the unique combination of outstanding performance and highest safety for your media filtration process as basis for your success.

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