Filter Paper Overview

Quantitative Filter Papers

定量分析濾紙 Quantitative Filter Papers

These filter papers are used for quantitative and gravimetric analyses as well as for pressure or vacuum filtration. They are made out of 100 % cotton linters with an α-cellulose content of > 98 % and are acid-washed to make the papers ashless and achieve high purity.

  • Made of 100 % cotton linters
  • Ash-free (ash content ≤ 0.01 % according to DIN 540370)
  • Wet-strengthened
  • Color-coded box for easy selection

Qualitative Filter Papers

定性分析濾紙 Qualitative Filter Papers

Qualitative filter papers in various designs.

Wet strengthened filter papers are essentially used for analytical and routine analyses, when no gravimetric analyses are required and can be used for pressure or vacuum filtration.

The highpurity qualitative filter papers are especially suitable for qualitative analyses that require a low ash content.

Our technical papers are generally used for analytical and technical purposes. They have a fast flow rate due to their structure.

Glass Microfibre Filters

玻璃超纖維濾紙 Glass Microfibre Filters w/o Binder

Glass Microfibre Filters

These filters are mostly used either for monitoring air and gas or as prefilter. They are manufactured with synthetic binding agents to ensure that the filter has a defined strength. They are mechanically and chemically stable, have a temperature resistance up to 180°C and – depending on the binding agent used – are either hydrophobic or hydrophilic.

  • Mechanically and chemically stable
  • Temperature resistant up to 180°C
  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic versions

Glass Microfibre Filters

玻璃超纖維濾紙 Glass Microfibre Filters w/o Binder

Glass Microfibre without Filters

Binder-free glass microfiber filters are recommended for analytical and gravimetric analyses and also as prefilters. These filters combine fast flow rates with high load capacity and the retention of very fine particles; they are biologically inert, are resistant to most chemicals and withstand temperatures up to 500 °C (grade 550-HA up to 550 °C).

  • Manufactured from 100% borosilicate glass
  • 100% binder free
  • pH stable
  • Withstand temperatures up to 500 °C (Grade MG 550-HA & MG 169 up to 550 °C)
  • Supplied as discs or sheets

Quartz Microfibre Filters

石英超纖維濾紙 Quartz Microfibre Filters

Quartz microfibre filters are especially suited for emission monitoring at temperatures of up to 900 °C and wherever filters of the highest purity are needed. Sartorius quartz microfibre filters are free of glass fibres and binding agents.

  • T293, standard version made of 100 % quartz
  • Q3400, made of 100 % quartz and pre-heated (tempered) ; certificate of trace metal analysis available for each lot

Blotting Membranes & Paper

轉漬濾膜和濾紙 Blotting Membranes & Paper

Blotting Paper

These blotting papers are made from the purest raw materials with the maximum degree of absorptiveness and cellulose content. They are available in a choice of different weights and thicknesses as well as in different formats to cover the majority of blotting applications. Furthermore, they are the ideal complement to the Sartorius nitrocellulose blotting membranes available in two pore sizes, 0.22 μm and 0.45 μm.

  • Made of high-purity cotton linters for uniform buffer flow and resulting blots
  • No additives to avoid any interference during the transfer
  • Supplied in sheets, rolls as well as in customized sizes to save time and avoid any waste

Blotting Membranes & Paper

轉漬濾膜和濾紙 Blotting Membranes & Paper

Blotting Membranes

Sartorius blotting membranes are ideal as a complement to the blotting papers for western blotting, DNA blotting as well as dot or slot blots. They have been optimized for all protein blotting systems, such as electrotransfer, semi-dry or simple capillary blotting.

  • High membrane surface area for high binding capacity & no sample loss
  • Exceptionally low background allowing longer exposure times & better results
  • High membrane stability for easy handling

Chromatography Papers

層析濾紙 Chromatography Papers

Chromatography papers are made of 100% cotton linters. These highly pure papers are not only ideal for blotting & chromatography, but also for a wide range of absorption applications like those common in the life sciences and diagnostics.

pH-measurement Papers


pH試紙 pH-measurement Papers

pH-measurement papers for accurate determination of the pH in water samples and for adjusting the pH of a sample during analysis. The papers feature an accuracy sufficient for nearly all routine pH-tests. Available are pH-measurement papers in strips and rolls, including litmus papers.

  • pH papers in rolls, available within narrow pH ranges but also available within the complete pH range of either of 1-11 or 1-14.
  • Significantly superior to other pH papers when it is important to prevent analytical errors during the testing of highly buffered solution
  • The indicator dyes do not contaminate the sample to be tested so it can be used for further analyses.

Sample Carrier Papers

採樣分析試紙 Sample Carrier Papers

The grade TFN is made from high-purity cotton linters and is highly absorbent. It is used to absorb and transport human bodily fluids, such as capillary blood, urine and saliva. For the production of test cards, TFN papers can be printed with the texts required by the individual countries.For the production of test cards, TFN papers can be printed with the texts required by the individual countries.

Surface Protection Papers

實驗台防汙紙 Surface Protection Papers

These filter papers are used for LabSorb is a highly absorptive grade of paper coated on one side with polyethylene. Used with the cellulose side up, the paper absorbs liquids, which are stopped by the polyethylene layer and thus prevented from soaking through.Used with the polyethylene side up, the paper is highly useful for recovery of valuable or toxic liquids.