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Backed by over eight decades of experience in developing the best filtration technologies, Sartorius offers you cutting-edge lab water systems designed to meet, and exceed, your quality standards.

arium® mini – The Only System with Bagtank Technology

With arium® mini Sartorius presents a compact ultrapure water system which is specially designed for requirements of less than 10 liters per day. This space-saving unit with a width of only 28 centimeters (11 inches) easily integrates into nearly any lab environment. The closed bagtank system prevents secondary contamination while ensuring consistent long-term water quality.

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Ultrapure Water HPLC-SEC Analysis

Ultrapure Water HPLC-SEC Analysis

No ghost peaks – for optimal results

Water used for the mobile phase of HPLC must be absolutely free of impurities in order to avoid interactions with the stationary phase. Learn how to optimize your application and minimize the risk of ghost or phantom peaks.

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Compact, Innovative Lab Water System - The Basis for Your Successful Analysis

Our arium® laboratory-grade water purification systems feature an inspiring, application-oriented design. They enable you to perform your workflows faster and more reliably, simplifying your daily lab work while ensuring cost-efficient operation over the long term.


Ultrapure Water Systems - Type 1

As individual as your needs are – a whole new dimension of modular-designed systems

The arium® mini and arium® pro series offer a wide selection of modular-designed systems for producing Type 1 ultrapure water for mission-critical applications. Each system is specially tailored to your requirements, offering you excellent price-performance. Choose among different ultrapure water systems – whichever model you opt for, you'll be convinced by arium®'s performance optimized for your specific application.

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Pure Water Systems – Type 2

The ultimate in reliable Type 2 water quality

The arium® advance EDI provides Type 2 water in consistently high quality for supplying lab instruments with feed water and for preparing buffers and media to be used in non-critical applications. Equipped with a self-regenerating electronic deionization module, a unique bagtank and an innovative iJust function, the system will help you minimize costs and time, ensuring conscientious use of your resources.

Benefit from the innovative arium® bagtank system for high-quality storage of Type 2 water quality.

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Pure Water Systems – Type 3

First-class Type 3 water

The arium® advance RO delivers consistently high-quality Type 3 pure water for standard laboratory applications, such as feed water for lab instruments or water for preparation of non-critical buffers and solutions. Stored in the unique bagtank, purified water is protected against secondary contamination. This eliminates time-consuming cleaning procedures.

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LPS_LWS_Combined Systems

Combined Systems – Type 1 Combined with Type 2 or Type 3

All in one: space-saving, innovative technology!

The arium® mini plus and the arium® comfort systems are the highlights of the Sartorius lab water family. These systems provide you with both pure and ultrapure water directly from the tap. Intermediately stored in the unique, disposable arium® Bag in its bagtank system, pure water is safely stored for immediate use or for further purification as Type 1 water.

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