Ready to use TuFlux® Transfer Sets

Ready to use TuFlux® Transfer Sets create process flexibility and guarantee safe and reliable transfers for all your fluids in all your process steps. Select your solution and benefit of the best assurance of quality and supply. All tubing and components are characterized and validated for their specific process conditions. We guarantee the best lead time and robust change control with at least 24 months of change notification at any time when selecting a standard solution.

Sterile Tubing Connectors

The sterile tube connectors are available as fully automated devices or as single use sterile connectors. Single-use sterile connectors allow fast and reliable connections between two process components in a sterile or non sterile environment. The fully automated devices enable connecting thermoplastic tubing, such as C-Flex®, Sanipure® and Pharmed®, in a sterile welding operation.

Sterile Tubing Disconnectors

The sterile tube disconnectors are available as a fully automated device with the BioSealer® or as single-use sterile disconnectors with the Clipster® aseptic disconnector. The single-use sterile disconnectors allow fast and safe disconnections of a transfer line made of silicone or thermoplastic tubing, in a sterile or non-sterile environment. The fully automated device enables disconnecting thermoplastic tubing, such as C-Flex®, Sanipure® and Pharmed®.


Sartorius Stedim Biotech TuFlux SIL is a highly resistant platinum cured silicone tubing designed to facilitate fluid transfer in many pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications such as media and buffer processing, filtration, fermentation and cell harvest.