Celsius® CFT

Celsius® CFT (Controlled Freeze & Thaw) is an industry-leading platform technology that controls the freezing and thawing rate to minimize cryo-concentration in biopharmaceutical products. This robust and reliable platform ensures drug substances are well-protected from start to finish, and offers process flexibility by processing up to 100 L of solution in single-use Celsius®-Paks. Qualified transfer, storage and shipping solutions are offered as part of the complete frozen logistics.

Celsius® FFT|FFTp

Celsius® FFT (Flexible Freeze & Thaw) and Celsius® FFTp (Flexible Freeze & Thaw for Plate Freezer) is a unique bag-in-shell system that replaces traditional freezing and thawing methods. The single-use containers are sterile, pre-assembled and ready-to-use for freezing and thawing biopharmaceutical solutions in commercially available equipment with the intent to leverage your existing freeze & thaw infrastructure.

Celsius® S³ Benchtop System with US Computer

The Celsius® S³ Benchtop System is the only laboratory instrument available on the market to evaluate freeze & thaw processes of new drug candidates in single-use bags with full scalability to production-scale Celsius® CFT systems (Celsius® FT33 | 66 | 100). This tool allows generation of consistent samples library useful for evaluating stability, storage and shipping conditions and formulations.