Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Equipment

Biosafe® aseptic transfer equipment are available in different configurations to fit your application. With it's 110mm useful diameter, the Biosafe® monolever ports can be installed on Isolator, RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) or clean room panel to secure the transfer of fluid, components, tools, waste of QC plates.

Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Single-Use Bag

A complete range of Biosafe® aseptic transfer single-use bags, either sterile or ready to be sterilized (by steam or Gamma), is designed to best fit your requirements. Biosafe® single-use bag is a reliable packaging for your sterile component transfer in your filling line. The RAFT (Rapid Aseptic Fluid Transfer) is a combination of Biosafe® bags with tubing line and aseptic connectors that will secure your transfer of sterile liquid into your filling line or between two process areas.