Make the Right Choices from the Start

More Predictive and Scalable Results for Cell Line and Media Development

ambr® 15 has been proven by industry leaders to provide better scalability than a shake flask. It has transformed cell line development in many leading biopharma companies worldwide by enabling the selection and development of cell lines under true bioreactor conditions. This ensures that only the most productive cell lines are taken forward into development with the confidence that they will perform just as well at production scale.


Improve Efficiency of Cell Line Development

ambr® 15 Speeds up Cell Line Selection under True Bioreactor Conditions

Improve the overall efficiency and speed of cell line and media development by 90% with the unique muliparallel minibioreactor. Run up to 48 stirred vessels in parallel and screen for the best producing cell line and media combination with the help of easy-to-use Design of Experiment tools. Early selection of high-producing cell lines under bioreactor conditions ensures that the best media and cell line combination is selected for scale-up to full scale production.


Reducing Timelines in Early Process Development

Lange, Chhatre, Barney Zoro (2014) BioProcess International Nov 2014

Cobra Biologics outline a novel, multi-parametric approach for clone selection and feed-strategy optimization in this article. Conducting the studies in this way took just four weeks, whereas, the equivalent work in bench-top bioreactors would require several weeks more.

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Simply Improve Cell Bank Quality

Improve Cell Bank Consistency and Quality Using Rapid Automated Vial Filling

The fill-it automated cryovial filling system rapidly processes vials to ensure minimal exposure to cryopreservatives whilst mitigating contamination risk due to human error. It allows larger batches of vials to be produced in a single run reducing QC costs and avoiding repetitive strain injury of your staff.

Designed for Cell Culture

Shaker Incubator with Stringent Control of Temperature, CO2 and Humidity

The CERTOMAT® CTplus is designed for cultivation of mammalian cells in shake flasks and multi-well plates under stringent control of temperature, CO2 concentration and humidity. Separate heating systems for the air, the doors and the humidification pan effectively prevent condensation in the incubation chamber. Tight seals reduce CO2 consumption.


Improve Your Titers

The CHOptimizer® Approach

Lower your cost of goods by improving your titers. Poor productivity is often caused by non-optimized media and feeds. With our innovative approach, you can easily optimize your media and feeds for the specific needs of your CHO cell line.

Accelerate Your Development

Within 4 Months to RCB

With the Cellca CHO Expression Platform you can reduce your early stage development timeline by several months, accelerating your development from DNA to Research Cell Bank (RCB) to just 4 months with an easy-to-use, robust and scalable platform.

Speed to Clinic

Ready-To-Use Bioanalytical & Biosafety Assays

BioOutsource offer a range of services to support the testing of biologic drugs and vaccines throughout preclinical development, manufacturing and lot release. In particular, BioOutsource specialise in biosimilar testing services for monoclonal antibodies.