Outstanding Throughput

Prefilters with Ultra-high Capacity

Save significant costs and optimize your process flow by using our prefilters with two-times higher capacities and exceptional clarification performance. Increase the life span of your downstream unit operations using our wide range of prefiltration solutions.

The Proof

Powerful Filter Combination: Prefilter Sartoguard | Sterile Filter Sartopore® 2 XLM

Filtration test at one our customer sites lead to significant savings on pre and sterile filters.



Ultimate Sterile Filter Protection

Sartoguard Membrane Prefilters for mAb

Sartoguard® prefilters can significantly downsize your process and reduce your total filtration costs. You will benefit from high performance asymmetric double layer PES membranes offering optimal protection of sterile filters and validated bio-burden reduction.


Highest Product Yield

Sartoclean® Membrane Prefilters for Vaccines, Blood and Plasma

When cost reduction matters, choose Sartoclean® to optimally protect your Sartobran® sterile filters. Maximize your yield by leveraging low-binding double layer cellulose acetate membranes.


Unmatched Clarification Capacity

Sartopure® Synthetic Depth Filters

Sartopure® utilizes unique polypropylene fleeces or highly adsorptive glass fiber filter materials to provide the highest particle removal capacity and superior turbidity reduction.


Flexible and Customized

Filter Transfer Sets

Use our pre-sterilized filter assemblies consisting of sterile filters, pre-connected tubing and aseptic connectors for sterile connection to your process equipment.

Everything for Your Setup

Housings, Holders and Accessories

Discover the world around filters. Housings for conventional filtration processes, special holders for single-use capsules and specific accessories.

Liquid Filter Housings

Jumbo P Housing

MidiCaps® Filter Holders

MaxiCaps® Filter Holders

Filter Integrity Tester

Removable Heaters

Pressure Vessels