The Start of Purification

Fast, Predictable, Single Step

Combine biomass removal with contaminant clearance in the first purification step with new predictable single-use technologies. Early removal from contaminants such as DNA enables a lean downstream process train.


2,000 L Single-Use Harvesting

Predicable results with Sartoclear Dynamics®

Sartoclear Dynamics® unique bodyfeed technology provides predictable harvesting results even at high cell densities independent from cell viability variations. A constant filter aid to biomass ratio will provide consistant results in a single-use environment up to 2,000 L. This provides you with greater flexibility in your mAb process by eliminating the need for costly centrifuges.

Always the Best Solution for Your Harvest

Sartoclear® Depth Filters

Sartoclear® filters are cellulose-based depth filters developed for demanding clarification applications in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. The wide range of grades offers a solution for a variety of applications such as post centrifuge filtrations, perfusion processes, and direct harvests with moderate cell densities.


Sartoclear Dynamics®

Dust-free Transfer of Diatomaceous Earth

Learn here how you can quickly add the optimal dose of diatomaceous earth to your cell culture with a new validated dust free technology for powder transfer.


Unmatched Clarification Capacity

Sartopure® Synthethic Depth Filters

Reach unmatched turbidity reduction. Sartopure® utilizes unique polypropylene or highly absorbtive glass fiber fleece materials for small scale harvest in mAB and vaccines processes.

Stay Clear in Your Downstream Process

Cell Clarification in Crossflow Mode Using a Microfiltration Membrane

Save time and clear your fermentation broth with reliable Hydrosart® microfiltration (MF) cassettes. Our fully scalable Hydrosart® MF cassettes secure lowest protein binding and non-fouling combined with highest product recovery. Choose the microfiltration cassettes with linear scalability from lab to commercial processing to handle your mid-size batch volume.


Everything for Your Setup

Holders and Accessories

The Sartoclear® holders and accessories are designed to make working with single-use products easier and safer. The filter holders feature the latest advances inergonomic design and the multipurpose forklift can be used for a convenient transportation and handling of heavy single-use products.

Sartoclear® Filter Holder


Mixing Systems

Mixing Tank