Get More Yield

Consistent Product Recovery no Matter What

Get the maximum product yield using our unique Hydrosart® membrane technology. Benefit from a chemically resistant cellulose membrane. It ensures the highest product recovery even under harsh process conditions. Save up to 3 hours from your UF|DF processing time using our unique cassettes and advanced crossflow system engineering.

The Most Resistant

Hydrosart® Cassettes for All Applications

Spend less time cleaning, sanitizing, steaming, and sterilizing. Our Hydrosart® cassettes use a unique membrane that has the highest chemical resistance, temperature stability and gamma compatibility. The Hydrosart® UF | DF cassette is the perfect fit for mAb, blood & plasma, vaccines and ADC processes.

Rapid Process Development

Scalable Results with SARTOFLOW® Systems

Operators using our configurable SARTOFLOW® crossflow systems benefit from a modular platform. Use the same automation, user interface, data acquisition and process analysis tools from process development to commercial manufacturing. Mitigate the risk of operator error and significantly reduce your development time in both single-use or multi-use processes.

Select Reliability

Choose the Right Crossflow Cassettes for Your Target Application

Every crossflow step in your biopharmaceutical process requires constant quality, batch-to-batch consistency and high performance filtration. With our crossflow cassettes we ensure maximum product yield in all required steps. Our wide product portfolio offers solutions for single-use or multiple-use and guarantees a linear scale-up.


Hydrosart® Microfilter Cassettes
Hydrosart® Ultrafilter/Sartocon® ECO Cassettes
Polyethersulfone (PES) Microfilter Cassettes
Polyethersulfone (PES) Ultrafilter/Sartocon® ECO Cassettes

Everything for Your Setup

Holders and Accessories

The family of Sartorius crossflow filter holders features the latest advances in crossflow design for full flexibility. This unique design within the Sartocon® family provides you with predictable performance from process volumes down to scaling studies or in daily lab work.


Crossflow Filter Holder  
CIP Flush Cassettes