Air Monitoring

Airborne microbes pose a potential risk of contamination for products and raw materials. Therefore, air sampling with active devices is a method commonly used for evaluation of particles, fungi, spores and microorganisms – even of viruses and bacteriophages. Sampling of a specific volume of air in a defined time can be performed with two different physical methods: filtration or impaction. Sartorius offers both solutions to suit your particular application. In addition, Sartorius defined growth media enable you to obtain qualitative and quantitative results.


Gelatin Membrane Filters (GMF)

Gelatine filters in conjunction with the MD8 air samplers (gelatine filter method) are used for collection of airborne microbes and viruses. Gelatine filter disposables are individually packaged, pre-sterilised and ready-to-connect units, each consisting of a gelatine membrane filter and a holder. Gelatine membrane filters are still available as filter discs, suitable for the filter holder 17655 (80 mm diameter) supplied with the MD8 airscan® air samplers as well as in smaller diameters.

  • 'Absolute' retention rate (99.9995% for Bac. sub. niger, 99.94% for T3 phages)
  • The filter maintains the viability of collected microorganisms for a relevant and meaningful sampling time
  • Gelatine filters are completely water-soluble, therefore microbes in one sample can be cultivated in/on different nutrient media or low and high bacteria counts can be measured - the sample is not affected by inhibitors
  • The solubility of the gelatine filter is a prerequisite for virus sampling

MD8 Air Samplers

A fundamental aspect of cleanrooms and critical zones is to achieve lowest concentrations of airborne particles by reducing ther introduction and generation. Measurement for this purpose must be accurate as well as reliable, and must not interfere with the zone protection.

The MD8 air samplers, MD8 Airscan and the portable AirPort MD8, are designed to detect smallest viruses and microorganism in the air by using the unique Gelatine Membrane Filters (GMF) and BACTairTM agar plates. Air sampling in critical areas can be performed isokinetically with MD8 Airscan.



BACTair: Culture Media Plates

BACTair™ culture media plates are ready-to-connect prefilled agar media plates for microbiological air monitoring using the AirPort MD8 air sampler (impaction method). Airborne microorganisms are directly captured on the culture media plates, where the plates function directly as collection heads. This means that the collection properties are integrated right into the culture media plates. With BACTair™, there is no longer a need for metal sieve plates or metal collection heads, which demand regular sterilisation for routine sampling. The geometry of the culture media plate with its 400 holes yields exceptional sampling efficiency.

  • Individually, sterile packaged
  • Integrated disposable sieve
  • Pre-filled with agar media
  • Samples 1m³ in 8 minutes
  • Optimised geometry