All in One

Turn tap water into pure and ultrapure water using the most advanced purification technologies

The arium® mini plus and the arium® comfort are the highlights of the Sartorius lab water systems. Featuring the most advanced purification technologies, these systems deliver Type 1 ultrapure water combined with Type 3 (mini plus & comfort I) or combined with Type 2 (comfort II) pure water, depending on the version you select.


arium® mini plus – Purification Directly from Tap to Type 1

The only water system with integrated bagtank technology!

The arium® mini plus is a compact system designed to produce ultrapure Type 1 water for your daily lab needs of up to 10 liters.

For preparation of Type 1 water, the system automatically purifies tap water into Type 3 pure water using an integrated reverse osmosis stage, at a performance rate of 8 liters per hour. The purified Type 3 water is then stored in the unique, side-integrated arium® Bag until it is pumped directly from the bagtank for ultrapure water production on demand. Freshly prepared Type 1 water can then be dispensed at a rate of up to 1 liter per minute.

Unique bagtank Integrated on the Side of the System
The disposable arium® Bag is easy to exchange in less then 5 minutes, enabling you to easily renew your bagtank for trouble-free storage. This saves you from having to perform time-intensive and hazardous sanitization. Moreover, the arium® Bag integrated on the side reliably prevents any secondary contamination of your Type 3 water for Type 1 purification, while ensuring consistent long-term water quality.

Expand Your Comfort Zone in the Lab!

The name of the series says it all – a system for real comfort

The arium® comfort systems produces Type 1 ultrapure water combined with Type 2 (comfort II) or Type 3 (comfort I) pure water, depending on the version you select. The systems deliver up to 2 L/min of Type 1 water and can be used for standard applications all the way up to critical analytical procedures. In addition, the clever, integrated iJust feature automatically optimizes your product water quality and usage.

Simplify your Type 2 and Type 3 water storage with the unique bagtank! Protected in the connected, closed arium® bagtank, the Type 2 water produced is stored for further use, safely protected from secondary contamination. Easy to change out, this arium® Bag will save you not only from having to perform time-consuming cleaning, but also from exposure to hazardous cleaning agents.

Remove organic contaminants efficiently!
Depending on your application, integrate a UV lamp to reduce organic impurities (TOC). You can also have the TOC continuously checked by the optional TOC monitor – for complete reliability and peace of mind.

bagtank Technology – a Revolution in Lab Water Purification

Innovative pure water storage

The innovative bagtank reliably stores Type 2 or Type 3 water produced by arium® comfort, in 20-, 50- or 100-liter disposable arium® Bags that are easy to exchange. Securely isolated from the environment by integrated filter systems, this arium® Bag provides reliable protection against secondary contamination, while ensuring consistently high water quality over the long term.

Moreover, unlike typical laboratory water storage tanks, the disposable arium® Bag is easy to change in less then 5 minutes, eliminating not only time-consuming cleaning, but also exposure to hazardous cleaning chemicals.

Specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry, the arium® Bag made of high-quality S71 material also provides optimal storage conditions, thus ensuring constant, long-term Type 2 water quality.

All in one 雙效機型純水系統 arium® Ultrapure Water System

arium® comfort和arium® mini plus系列擁有最先進的淨化技術把自來水變成純水和超純水。此些系列依不同型號,提供ASTM Type1、3 (comfort I & mini plus)或Type1、2(comfort II)的組合,可同時提供超純水及純水水質

arium® mini plus系列的流速為每分鐘1公升,專門為超純水需求量每天低於10公升的客戶設計。在這個系統中,進水通過預處理盒,是由活性炭和一個反滲透模組所組合而成,然後立即被儲存於儲水袋(integrated bagtank)中。最終的超純水,則由特製的arium® Scientific純化濾心所製造。
arium® comfort系列均可提供ASTM Type 1超純水,並依客戶選擇的版本提供Type 2(comfort II)或Type 3(comfort I)之純水。具有先進的淨化技術以及獨特的iJust技術,可控制用水量,並根據您的給水硬度和CO2含量,智慧模式能計算系統的清洗週期。此外,可依客戶的需求選擇TOC顯示器,即時監控有機碳總量(TOC),為您的實驗進一步把關。
  • 提供絕對可靠和結果重複性最高的超純水、純水水質。
  • 新一代bagtank系統可節省您清洗槽體的時間和精力,提供安全、可靠的純水。
  • 螢幕顯示採用淺顯、直觀的操作模式以及螢幕觸控的功能,即使戴著手套也可操作。
  • arium® mini plus尺寸小,節省空間(約28 cm),適用於各種實驗室環境。