Water Purification with Added Value

Choose from the widest array of options to customize your lab water system to your specific needs.

The arium® advance RO features the highest ion retention at rates of up to 24 L/hr. Directly connected to your tap feed water source, this system delivers pure water of the highest quality.


Go First Class with Type 3 Water

Water purification with added value!

The arium® advance RO consistently delivers premium Type 3 reverse osmosis water quality at rates of 8,16 or 24 L/hr for your standard laboratory applications. While producing Type 3 water, the system uses specially designed, intuitive software to continuously monitor the water quality.

Its additionally integrated iJust function optimizes the usage and quality of your purified water, while helping you conserve your valuable water resources.

Benefit from unique bagtank technology!
Connected to the unique bag tank, this system not only reduces the cost of labor, but also provides you with a reliable storage option for stable quality of Type 3 reverse osmosis water over the long term.

Innovative Pure Water Storage

Gain time and safety by using the unique arium® bagtank!

The revolutionary arium® bagtank stores Type 3 purified water reliably in your choice of 20-, 50- or 100-liter disposable arium® Bags and safely protects your water with its built-in filter system from secondary contamination.

Moreover, unlike typical laboratory water storage tanks, the disposable arium® Bag is easy to exchange in less then 5 minutes, eliminating not only time-intensive cleaning, but also hazardous sanitization.

Specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry, this arium® Bag is made of high-quality S71 material and provides optimal storage conditions, thus ensuring consistent Type 3 water quality over the long term.

Lab Water Services

Maximize the performance of your arium® lab water systems

Sartorius provides a comprehensive range of professional services worldwide to ensure your laboratory water systems will operate reliably at all times. These first-rate services reliably cover all your all your installation, qualification and maintenance needs in a time-saving way, guaranteeing consistently high-quality lab water production.

ASTM Type 3 逆滲透純水系統 arium® RO pure water system

本系列產品用於生產ASTM Type 3逆滲透純水。依客戶的個別需求,有兩種版本提供選擇:arium® advance RO系列、arium® 613L系列。

arium® advance RO系統以每小時8、16、24公升的速率提供優質Type 3純水,可應用於標準實驗室。本系統有智慧型iJust技術可控制清洗週期,降低進水需求量,此外內建新一代bagtank系統可節省您清洗槽體的時間和精力,提供安全、可靠的純水。arium® advance RO系列均可連續監測水質,讓您可即時更新所有重要數據,因此非常適用於常規實驗室,提供實驗室儀器之給水,如:純淨水系統、高壓滅菌器、玻璃器皿清洗器、加濕器和水浴槽等。
arium® 613L是高效、可靠、低維護的純水系統,本系統能夠提供高達時速300公升的逆滲透純水,適用於RO純水需求量大的客戶。高效反滲透膜減少用水浪費,並提供優良的產水水質,同時確保水中雜質的回收率。本系統內建有一100公升的蓄水箱,針對純水需求量大的客戶,則有200公升,600公升或1000公升的蓄水箱可供選擇,並使用分配幫浦使純水可以很容易地分配到幾個不同的使用點。arium® 613L所產生的純水可應用於高壓滅菌器、玻璃器皿清洗器、空氣加濕器等。
  • 可持續、穩定產生高品質的RO純水。
  • 螢幕顯示採用淺顯、直觀的操作模式以及螢幕觸控的功能,操作容易。
  • 產生的純水無離子、微生物殘留,可增加實驗結果的穩定度。