Make the Most of Your Resources

With EDI technology, 3 purification stages and iJust

Do you want to simplify your daily lab work and obtain consistently high-quality results? Our lab water systems have just what it takes to let you do your best – day in, day out!


The Latest EDI Technology for Guaranteed Type 2 Water Quality

The ultimate in reliable electronic deionization

The arium® advance EDI reliably delivers water of consistently high Type 2 water quality of up to 15 megohms*cm at a rate of 5 L/hr or 10L/hr. Equipped with 3 purification stages, the system efficiently removes ions, bacteria, organic impurities and other contaminants from feed water from the tap.

Protect your Type 2 water with our unique bagtank technology! Stored in the integrated arium® bagtank, purified Type 2 water will be kept safe from contamination until you dispense it for further use in your specific application.

Unequaled iJust function for efficient, ecological use of your water The iJust function additionally built into the lab water system automatically optimizes the usage and quality of your purified water, while helping you conserve your valuable water resources.

Innovative Pure Water Storage

Gain time and safety by using the unique arium® bagtank!

The revolutionary arium® bagtank stores Type 2 purified water reliably in your choice of 20-, 50- or 100-liter disposable arium® Bags and safely protects your pure water with its built-in filter system from secondary contamination.

Moreover, unlike typical laboratory water storage tanks, the disposable arium® Bag is easy to exchange in less then 5 minutes, eliminating not only time-intensive cleaning, but also hazardous sanitization.

Specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry, this bag is made of high-quality S71 material and provides optimal storage conditions, thus ensuring consistent Type 2 water quality over the long term.

ASTM Type 2 去離子純水系統 arium® advance EDI pure water

arium® advance EDI以每小時5或10公升的流速持續提供高品質Type2純水。arium®advance EDI有連績電子式去離子模組(EDI)技術,以及獨特的iJust功能讓水充分利用,將有助於減少您的成本,保護環境。

Sartorius的連續電子式去離子技術(EDI),可在即使您的給水中含有高達40 ppm的二氧化碳,也可確保最終產水的比阻抗質達5-15 MΩ×cm.s。創新、獨特的iJust技術,可控制用水量,並根據您的給水硬度和CO2含量,智慧模式能計算系統的清洗週期。arium® advance EDI節省寶貴的資源。
  • 具有獨特專利的連續電子式去離子模組(EDI),可持續、穩定提供高品質純水。
  • 獨特的iJust功能,可優化產水品質及產水量。
  • 智慧型iJust技術可控制清洗週期,降低給水需求量,減少成本耗費。
  • 螢幕顯示採用淺顯、直觀的操作模式以及螢幕觸控的功能,即使戴著手套也可操作。
  • 新一代bagtank系統可節省您清洗槽體的時間和精力,提供安全、可靠的純水。