• Optimization of growth and production culture media in ambr™ bioreactors
  • Screening and optimization of basic process state variables with BIOSTAT® multi-bioreactor systems
  • Optimization of purification conditions with Sartobind® technology
  • Robustness studies of cross-flow filtration conditions with SARTOFLOW® systems
  • Optimization of freeze and thaw rates with Celsius® systems
  • Design space estimation (DSE) and validation



BioPAT® MODDE is a state-of-the-art DoE software package that is used by scientists, engineers and statisticians alike to help understand complex processes and products.

BioPAT® MODDE enables fast and effective identification of critical process parameters (CPPs) and, subsequently, establishment of a Design Space, resulting in reduced bioprocess complexity and increased process understanding. This, in turn, facilitates process transfers.

The Design Space tools provided by BioPAT® MODDE present a region of operability that meets risk analysis specifications and that guides engineers in determining how likely it is that their experiments will truly identify the most reliable operating region.


Minimum System Requirements

Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 color display
Graphics Card 3-D acceleration and OpenGL support
Browser Internet Explorer version 6 or later
Operating System Windows® 7 or 8